Footy Banner

Posted in undone: The Exchange by Luke Henley on May 25, 2009

It’s tradition for the players to run through the team banner before every game. Each team does the same thing every round for 22 rounds in the season. Thats 16 different banners each week for 22 rounds. Which makes, 352 banners each season not including the finals.

Ever thought about what happens to all these banners?

Yep, they just throw em away.

A few easy phone calls and we had banners from the Dogs Friday night game and the Tigers Saturday night game lined up. Just a few hours from pick up on Friday we received a phone call from the Dogs, informing us that Channel 10 had poached our banner for a story on Aker’s 300th game.

Probably just threw it in the bin after they were done with the story anyway. Don’t you worry Channel 10, we’re onto you.

Saturday night football. Richmond V Essendon






Now, each footy banner is hand made by the dedicated members of the team cheer squad, every week, from rolls of crepe paper and sticky tape. The banners average size is 20 X 8 meters, which means these beauties are using about 320 meters of crepe paper each (Double layers: 160 each side). Now I’m no mathematician, but times that (320) by the amount of banners in a season (352), and, if I’ve done all my calculations correctly, that should equal around 112 kilometers of crepe paper used to make banners every season. That’s a shit load of crepe paper!

And I haven’t even include the sticky tape that’s used.

All this material just thrown in the bin every season.

We found this movie that looks at the making of an AFL team banner. Take notice at the end of the clip the banner being dragged to the bins.


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