The Exchange

Posted in undone: The Exchange by Luke Henley on May 25, 2009

The exchange is simply going to be a system on the website that allows for the exchange of ideas and materials. Acting as a kind of free Ebay, users will have the ability to upload images of materials/waste for other users to use and generate ideas. This system will make people re consider what they see as waste and the many alternatives for materials that are usually discarded. Users will have the option to browse the Exchange for free unwanted materials, or to crowd source creative ideas for things to do with waste materials they already have.


Fred works at the local printing press and notices that his work discards perfectly good cardboard tubing and may submit images for people to come and collect.

Susan works for a small design studio and has a collection of corks, she may post images of the corks and crowd source ideas for creative projects.

Gary is dumping all his house hold hard rubbish, he posts images of the contents for people to come and collect.


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