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Another post not really related to the content of but I had to put it up.

Graffiti Research Lab’s L.A.S.E.R tag: once again using new technologies to get to new heights.

This exploration of technology shows us the potential of creative media in public space.


Chris O’Shea

Posted in Art by Luke Henley on October 22, 2009

Look out from above!

Chris O’shea playing god with new technologies, controlling the people of Liverpool. 

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Melbourne Art Critic

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“a mischievous or malicious person who plays tricks, practical jokes, etc., at the expense of another.”

Is this really Undone?

Critic 1Critic 2

Gertrude Street Projection Festival

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Undone’s ‘Bucket Down’ short movie was successfully excepted into the 2009 Gertrude Street Projection Festival.

Located in Melbourne’s CBD lanes, ‘bucket down’ is part of a new wave of communication addressing environmental sustainability. This public installation is one of many creative responses to the lack of credible forms of communication addressing the issue.

Kawano Takeshi

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Kawano Takeshi is an artist from Tokyo, Japan. This is one of his projects commisionated by the Italian communication research centre, Fabrica.

Reverse Graffiti

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MTV Global Warming

Voxel animation – this thing is crazeee

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The Bubble Project

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The Canary Project

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The Canary Project takes on a creative apprach to try and help raise awareness and understanding for current environmental issues. Their site is full of mind blowing photography from affected areas around the world. Be sure to check it out. ‘The Landscape of Climate Change’.

Chris Jordan

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Plastic is 100% non biodegradable. That means that every single piece of plastic ever produced by man is still on this planet today. I guess we could just flush it down the toilet? That’s basically what we’re doing every day, filling our oceans with plastic debris. Out of site out of mind yeah? Wrong, next time your eating sushi, just think your probably eating the plastic that that fish has been living on the past year. What goes around comes around.

Photographer Chris Jordan:

Gyre, 2009

This image depicts 2.4 million pieces of plastic, equal to the estimated number of pounds of plastic pollution that enter the world’s oceans every hour. All of the plastic in this image was collected from the Pacific Ocean.