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Rotor is an interdisciplinary collective from Brussels that has created a platform to deal with the complex theme of the re-use of industrial waste and its social, economic, and ecological aspects. It explores the current production processes, materials, and decisions that lead to the selection of what is useful and what is not. The production of goods not only represents a transformation of raw materials but also asks the question: what is useful and what constitutes surplus? In the project Rotor is creating especially for the Ursula Blickle Foundation the collective concentrates on the specific instances, places, and circumstances in which waste is produced or in which something is considered a surplus. Rotor’s installation revolves around a series of waste products, which have resulted from different production processes and from different companies. The project was preceded by a long research period involving companies from the Kraichtal region as well as international manufacturers. The installation will not only focus on the documentation of each production and material context, but it will also present the actual material that usually remains invisible at disposal.

The Book

rotorDiH (35 mb)


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Nice design to show the consumption and recycling of metals in products in the US, and long we have left with them.